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Caroline Abram at Haydon Optometrists

We understand that feeling of searching for the perfect frame, the one that can take you through the day and beyond, because it reflects you and your personality.

Maybe this year you want to inject colour and fun into your eyewear, or explore the strong classic silhouettes of black or tortoiseshell, we are here to help you find that elusive piece, or to introduce you to a look that you may never have considered, but gives you the “that’s the frame I’ve been looking for” feeling.
At Haydon’s, when it’s time to select from the many ranges available, we always select with individuality in mind. We love pouring over the latest designs from around the world and we pride ourselves on finding unique, stylish but effortlessly wearable eyewear that showcases your personality.
The strong, organic styles of Anne et Valentine or the Parisian chic of Carolyn Abrahams, through to the ability to change your frame colour to suit your outfit or mood, with the Face & Cie changeable colour clips, our ever changing selection, with minimal repetition means a curated range that ensures you are never following the crowd. With over # ranges in store including Kate Sylvester, Woow , Moscot , Jono Hennessey and so many more, the choice is yours. And this year we are seeing that anything really does go, be it round, square, cat’s eye, oversized, metals, plastics the choices and possibilities are yours to explore.
With new styles arriving weekly and our expert staff to guide you, you can be assured of an easy and stylish start to 2017. So come and explore the possibilities for your next set of eyewear, in our relaxed and friendly store.

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