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New Zeiss Precision Progressive lenses

Haydon Optometrists partner with Zeiss to bring you the latest in lens technology. The all-new Zeiss Progressive lens portfolio is the latest development in lens technology to help you deal with the challenges of today’s world.

Zeiss have released a new range of Progressive lenses to the market adding to it's already extensive range. The new focus is on solving the challengers digital devices have given us in our daily lives. Most of us now use some form of Digital device whether it's a smart phone or a tablet computer.These devices put extra demands on our vision.

Zeiss have recognized this and developed a new range of lenses designed to eliminate eye fatique. Whether you require a single vision lens with added help, a lenses specifically designed for your occupation or even a full progressive it's all covered in the new Zeiss lens range. The added bonus with the new Precision progressive range of lenses is the added reading boost which is designed to make using your digital devices easier and clearer. Zeiss are the first lens company in the world to offer this sort of technology.

Patients can now enjoy increased frame choice, upgrade their lenses to modern lens designs and achieve fast adaption to their new Zeiss progressive lenses.

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